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Whether you need short term rehab or long term nursing care, The Rehab Center admissions department can assist you in the admission process from home, assisted living, another nursing facility, or hospital.














To help your admissions process go smoothly, we will need the following medical information to review to ensure medical eligibility:

  • History and Physical

  • Progress Notes

  • Most recent Lab work

  • Therapy notes as applicable

  • Most recent xray reports, diagnostic reports

  • Current medication list


Remember, we are here to help with ANY of your questions: (334) 863-3500.

Patients who transfer to Rehab Center after a three night qualifying inpatient hospital stay may qualify for a rehabilitation stay with Medicare coverage for up to 20 days 100% with no co-pays. This coverage is called Skilled Nursing Benefit. Continued coverage may be covered by Medicare days 21-100 with a 20% co-pay ($141.50 a day 2011 for all SNF facilities). Some secondary insurance policies pay this co-pay.

Long term care coverage is not provided by Medicare. A portion of a resident’s stay may be covered for a time after a qualifying hospital stay under the Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit. However this benefit is limited.

Most residents in the nursing home are covered by Nursing Home Medicaid. There is an application process that we will be glad to assist you with. Below are links to Medicaid information.

Some individuals pay private pay room rates for room and board. Please contact our business office for current room rates.


Long Term Care insurance policies may cover a portion or all of the room charges.

Our business office will be glad to assist you in checking any insurance coverage.

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